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What is Ask Likely?

Ask Likely is the app that makes it easy to know just what your friends love! They’ve likely told you their favorite coffee, whether or not they like chocolate, or their favorite team, but who can keep track of that for all their besties? Luckily, Likely was born. A cute, funny, owl who wants to be your friend and relationship personal assistant. Chatting with Likely is easy and feels like texting a friend. You share your preferences and Likely learns more and more about you. Once you connect with your friends, they have access to your answers and finally know JUST what you would love! And as friends answer their questions, you will be able to learn more too!

  • No more worries about the perfect birthday treat or hostess gift! You’ll know exactly what wine they drink or what their favorite sweet treat is!
  • Is your friend having a rough day? You’ll be able to surprise them with exactly what they are craving!
  • Heading to a meeting or to the office? Make a great impression… Ask Likely what your coworkers like and bring them their favorite drink or snack!
  • Forget giving gift cards for gift exchanges or birthdays and wish lists can be boring! You will be able to know exactly what your special person loves by asking Likely!

  • Gift giving is more fun when you know they will love what they get! It’s so easy! All you have to do is… Ask Likely!

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